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Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Vietnam

Ok this is yet another post about Battlefield Bad Company 2 but can you blame me when they keep releasing new features to the game? This time it’s a completely new game play using the games engine to take you back to the Vietnam War. Continue reading Battlefield Bad Company 2 — Vietnam

Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach was released the other week, I know I’m a little late but even with picking up my pre-ordered Limited edition on release date I didn’t get a chance to play till the weekend. This is the latest release in the Halo Universe from Bungie, set in the build up to the original Halo game, and this is the pinnacle of all that is Halo. Including all the best in the multiplayer from all the previous releases including a new game type you can’t get any better than this from Bungie. Continue reading Halo: Reach

Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Onslaught

Ok this is my 4th post on Battlefield Bad Company 2, so you might be getting a little over me have a bitch about the game. Well I’m here again for the same reason. Battlefield Bad Company 2 new game type is Onslaught, its great alternative to normal online play but don’t playing a public game if you want to kill anything. Continue reading Battlefield Bad Company 2 — Onslaught