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2013 is the Year of the Game Release Fail

There have been many titles this year that were released and the publishers/ developers that’s just got it wrong. This has led many to call 2013 “the year of the release fail”. Games are huge businesses these days; so much so that we can see film studios move the releases of its films so their opening weekend will not coincide with a release of a Triple A game release. Continue reading 2013 is the Year of the Game Release Fail

Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever after 14 years of development has finally been released. The game that was considered folk lore to most in the gaming community, has changed games engine more often than the ones underwear and bankrupted its original developer. And from what I’ve played so far it’s been nothing but a disappointment. The only thing it has going for it, is it’s the sequel to the Duke Nukem 3D game. Continue reading Duke Nukem Forever

Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Vietnam

Ok this is yet another post about Battlefield Bad Company 2 but can you blame me when they keep releasing new features to the game? This time it’s a completely new game play using the games engine to take you back to the Vietnam War. Continue reading Battlefield Bad Company 2 — Vietnam