Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Onslaught

Ok this is my 4th post on Battlefield Bad Company 2, so you might be getting a little over me have a bitch about the game. Well I’m here again for the same reason. Battlefield Bad Company 2 new game type is Onslaught, its great alternative to normal online play but don’t playing a public game if you want to kill anything. Continue reading Battlefield Bad Company 2 — Onslaught

Lowrider – Round the World

Lowrider’s latest album ‘Round the World’ was released on Friday. And from the moment I started playing I knew they have continued with their unique style of Australian music. It’s hard to place this band into any particular genre and I believe that’s what makes this album a must listen for anyone who likes a little different style of hip hop, funk, soul mix. Continue reading Lowrider — Round the World