Battlefield Bad Company 2 – The Lag

Ok I’ve just had a gaming session with EnergiserX and Lostagent2 in Battlefield Bad Company 2, it’s been awhile for us and in that time there has been another update for the multiplayer and guess what? The lag has gotten worst, so bad in fact that it’s almost impossible to play. Continue reading Battlefield Bad Company 2 – The Lag

Red Dead Redemption

Yes I know it came out a few weeks ago, I had it pre ordered with the extra unlocks but I was playing Alan Wake first and I wanted a good play though before I made my final judgement on the game. Red Dead Redemption is the latest from Rockstar Games in its ‘open world’ style play set in the year 1911 in the American Old West territory. And I must admit I really enjoyed it. Continue reading Red Dead Redemption